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Employee Ownership

Employee Ownership, an underexplored facet of social sustainability, is gaining prominence. As the current generation of CEOs and owners approaches retirement, a new generation of workers with fresh perspectives on ownership and power structures is on the rise. 


Our Partners

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🔒 Unlocking the Future of Ownership

  • In a world where the dynamics of ownership are evolving and recognizing the growing debate around the topic of Employee Ownership, B Lab Switzerland developed a working group at the beginning of 2023 to assess the best practices of this model. Partnering with Swiss B Corps and industry experts, we explored the different forms of Employee Ownership and presented our outcomes in October and November 2023 in an online conference series


  • Through this initiative, B Corps and other experts in the field could share their first-hand experiences and insights on Employee Ownership, unraveling the potential of this innovative model and inspiring other companies to follow a similar path. 

  • Building on the collective knowledge gathered, B Lab Switzerland, together with our partners, proudly presents you with a suite of resources, totally free, to serve as your 101 playbook for embarking on your own Employee Ownership journey.

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📚 Resources

Employee Ownership Guidance & Resources

Employee Ownership Guidance & Resources

Missed the conference series? No worries! Watch the sessions through our recorded materials and presentation slides:

Employee Ownership Series - Session 1
Employee Ownership Series - Session 2
Employee Ownership Series - Session 3

Join the EO Revolution!

Ready to embark on your Employee Ownership journey?

We are here to support you in every step of the way. Reach out to our team to discover how B Lab can be your strategic ally and help you transform your business in a sustainable way.

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