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Sustainable Innovation

Today’s challenges make it an imperative to build regenerative and inclusive business models, products and services. At B Lab Switzerland, we want to make sustainable innovation the default option.


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Why does sustainable innovation matter?

The need for comprehensive and systemic approaches that consider social justice, economic performance and environmental responsibility in an equal, balanced and integrated way is now well understood by companies and society. We become more aware of the individual dimensions of sustainable developments and their interdependencies, especially in times of crisis - and also how quickly framework conditions can change. Anyone who wants to launch a new successful business model today or position their business development for the future cannot avoid placing sustainability at the center. For this purpose, B Lab Switzerland uses established strategies, methods and instruments from innovation management.


How can your organisation benefit from sustainable innovation?

  • You get practical tools and hands-on knowledge to apply sustainable innovation.

  • You learn how to systematically align your existing and future business models with sustainability.

  • You can grow the understanding of the necessity and, above all, the application and implementation competence for sustainable innovation within your organization.

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Navigating the New Business Paradigm with B Lab

In today's evolving business landscape, profitability remains a cornerstone for companies. However, at B Lab, we believe that the true measure of a successful enterprise goes beyond the bottom line. While generating profits is essential for sustainability and growth, addressing the social and environmental dimensions within their strategy is equally vital.

This should be the case for both existing and future business models. Hence, our ambition is to make sustainable innovation the default option. 


To reach this ambition, we are working in four areas: Improving existing business models, developing SDG-driven business models, building an innovation infrastructure for SDG-driven innovation and innovation for system change. We provide companies, service providers and public institutions with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop sustainable business models and to plug sustainability into existing innovation processes. We work with them to identify the relevant levers and necessary steps for implementing sustainable business cases.

Join us in championing a holistic approach to business, where companies are not only profitable but also pioneers in creating a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Let's work together!

Do you want to learn more about sustainable innovation?

Contact us to find out how B Lab Switzerland can support you to create the biggest impact to your sustainable business.

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