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Our work is only possible thanks to our funding partners, who enable us to build and implement our programs and initiatives and more broadly to deliver our mission to contribute to transform this economic system into a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative global economy.


Our Partners

Our Impact 

B Lab Switzerland is a public utility foundation dedicated to reshaping the economy for the greater good of individuals, communities, and the planet. 

At the heart of our ecosystem are certified B Corp companies known for their high sustainable business practices. We lead initiatives like the Swiss Triple Impact Program (STI) for aligning businesses with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Swiss Boards for Agenda 2030 Alliance to unite CEOs and Board Members around sustainability. Complementing these, our B Academy focuses on education, offering – in collaboration with several universities and schools – inclusive economy teachings and our B Leaders training for practitioners, essential for propagating sustainable and inclusive business principles.

In 2023, we launched the Alliance for Sustainable Enterprises, advocating for a voluntary legal framework to support purpose-driven enterprises. Today, the B Lab community in Switzerland encompasses over 700 diverse organisations from 85 sectors, actively engaged across the nation in advancing sustainable business practices. Our movement’s strength lies in its collective power!


Annual Report 2022

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Why do we need external support?

Given the breadth of our activities, we have always operated based on a mixed funding model with program revenue from corporates, partnership fees, government funding and private donations (see our annual report). This allows us to kickstart new initiatives until they become self-financing, or invest in projects with a longer term payoff – e.g. policy change – or where the benefits are spread over a large number of players. This mix of activities is crucial to bring the system change we believe is vital for people and the planet.

Support the Movement - The B Donors Circle

The B Donors Circle is a network supporting the mission of B Lab Switzerland. Established in 2022, it has been instrumental in expanding and diversifying our efforts. It offers a unique opportunity to engage with and support B Lab’s initiatives, connecting members with a network of influential individuals in Swiss foreign policy, business, science, culture, and media.

As you can choose to support the overall B Lab mission or one specific area of focus for your donation, you can ensure that its impact aligns most closely with your personal or company objectives. Your membership supports the development of innovative ideas for our Swiss transition driven by highly motivated and engaged individuals. As a donor, you become a privileged member of our community, getting preferential conditions to our gathering and events, and premium access to B Lab publications and reports.

How to make a donation​:

B Lab Switzerland

Rue de Lyon 77, 1203 Geneva

IBAN: CH94 0839 0038 7386 1010 6
Bank: Alternative Bank Switzerland 

Clearing: 8390

B Lab Switzerland has been recognized by the Republic and Canton of Geneva as an association which pursues charitable aims.

Donations to charitable organizations qualify for tax deductions in most cantons.

Our funding supporters since 2017

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Do you have questions or wish for a private discussion? Learn more about how you can make a difference with B Lab Switzerland.

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