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New Legal Framework

To create systemic change, we advocate for a new policy framework that recognizes and incentivizes sustainable companies in Switzerland.


Our Goal

B Lab has successfully promoted policy and regulatory changes in many jurisdictions worldwide, including the US, Latin America and Europe. In Switzerland, we believe the time has also come for the introduction of a legislative framework providing legitimacy and clarity to all businesses wishing to undertake the transition to sustainability and recognizing the many companies that have already committed to social and environmental goals. The new statute would make it easier for regulators to identify companies that are serious in their commitments. In 2022, we launched a comparative law study with the University of Geneva that was published in May 2023. The study looked at how impact businesses are regulated in other countries and concluded that Switzerland would benefit from the legal clarity that a dedicated regulatory framework would provide.


What we have achieved so far

In May 2023, we launched our White Paper “Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Switzerland. The Opportunity for a New Legal Framework. This paper, available in English, French and German, presents the case for new legislation in Switzerland and outlines our proposal. We advocate for a regulatory framework creating a ‘Sustainable Enterprise” status, open to all businesses which commit to adhering to a comprehensive and recognized set of focus areas, ranging from environmental and climate management to equal opportunities and health & well-being. We also propose that businesses opting for the 'Sustainable Enterprises' qualification benefit from a range of diverse incentives, such as tax incentives and priority access to public procurement contracts. We believe that this proposal represents an opportunity to accelerate Switzerland’s achievement of its 2030 Agenda goals and to promote an entrepreneurial model that creates jobs and stimulates investment and innovation, strengthening Switzerland as a primary location for sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainable finance. 

Session with the Parliamentary Group on May 31, 2023

On May 31, 2023, the Parliamentary Group on Sustainable Development Goals 2030, B Lab (Switzerland), and Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) hosted an event in Bern on “What does the private sector need from politics for a sustainable transition?”.


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