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Net Zero 2030

What is the B Corp Climate Collective ?

The B Corp Climate Collective (BCCC) is a community of Certified B Corporations (B Corps) committed to taking action on the climate emergency, centering climate justice. 


The BCCC recognizes the unique and powerful role that B Corps play as purpose-driven businesses to address climate change. Stewarded by the global network of B Lab and Sistema B organizations, this collective is working to identify concrete steps to accelerate climate mitigation, center climate justice, and work collectively, as individual companies, and through cross-sector collaboration and public advocacy.

As an accelerator to UNFCCC's Race to Zero campaign, the BCCC drives businesses towards making net zero commitments by working with existing Race to Zero partners.

What are the important updates to the B Corp Climate Collective and our Net Zero 2030 campaign ?

B Lab & the B Corp Climate Collective (BCCC) have announced some exciting changes to our Net Zero 2030 campaign. The BCCC is partnering with two other partners in the Race to zero Campaign, the SME Climate Hub and Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), to support companies with their net zero commitments moving forward.


We hope that this change will streamline the landscape of net zero definitions and commitments, advance accountability measures to see these commitments through, and ensure companies are getting the highest level of support possible on their climate action journeys.

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