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B Leaders is a training program that provides knowledge and methods to professionals who want to lead their organization through to the B Corp certification. It is also a community of practitioners who exchange ideas to find solutions to social and environmental challenges.


What is the B Leaders Program?

B Leaders is a training program designed by B Lab Switzerland to empower people who want to lead organizations through the B Corp certification and work with businesses to measure what matters. 


Through their practices and business models, companies are at the heart of sustainable development issues. Using the BIA tool, this intensive training will allow participants to measure a company's performance concerning its governance, employees, customers, community, and environment. Furthermore, they will identify opportunities for improvement, especially those that significantly impact developing effective action plans.

This program is suitable for internal leaders (employees in management, HR, training, development, quality, audit functions) and external leaders (consultants and advisors) exercising at least 80% of their business in Switzerland.

In between these sessions, the participants will complete an exercise based on a case study. The program also includes a Refresh Session Workshop after full completion of the course.​ Only Affiliate B Leaders will be listed on B Lab Switzerland's website.

B Leaders
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B Leaders training 2023-2024

You can choose the session and the language,

but don't wait because places are limited!

Session 1

French | Hybrid format

23 - 24 - 25 October (online) and 2 November (onsite)


Lausanne at B Lab


Agenda Session 1

Session 2

English | In person 

27 - 28 - 29 November and

8 December

Onsite: Lausanne at B Lab

Agenda Session 2

Session 3

French | In person

4 - 5 - 6 and 15 December 

Onsite: Lausanne at B Lab

Agenda Session 3

Session 4

English | Hybrid format

15 - 16 - 17 December (online)

25 January (onsite)


Agenda Session 4

Registration & mandatory requirements

Before registering for the B Leader Training, please make sure that you fulfill these cumulative mandatory requirements: 

  • Language: depending on the selected session, english or French C1 equivalent is required

  • Professional Experience: a minimum of three years professional experience in the field of Sustainability

  • Active Engagement: being currently enrolled and active in a sustainability-related project (either in-house within an organization, or externally as a consultant)

  • Presence: for the hybrid format, the first three days of the training are held online. The fourth day is held in-person in Lausanne (Session N°1) or Zurich (Session n°4). The presence in-person is mandatory. 


Participation fees 


The four days session is 1950 CHF (all tax included). The prices includes access to the material presented, the B Leader's Ressources Library, the B Leaders slack platform and the upload and management of the participants’ profile on the exclusive Swiss B Leaders Director, support for the Coaching & Affiliation process. And, finally: food and drinks during the In-Person / Onsite day(s). 


A 250 CHF discount on the total price, can be obtained at the following conditions: 

  • Registration of two or more participants working for the same companythe participants can register at different sessions. They each benefit from the 250 CHF discount. Their company doesn’t have to be a B Corp. 

  • The employer is a B Corp or a STI Participanteach participant currently working for a certified B Corp or a Participant to the Swiss Triple Impact program benefits from a community discount of CHF 250. 

Please note that discounts are not cumulative.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the B Leader's Community! 

Find a B Leader

B Leaders are experienced sustainability professionals who have been trained to guide businesses through B Corp certification.

Explore the B Corp movement

Discover the B Corp certification, the requirements to obtain it and learn how you can support the companies involved in this process.

Access helpful documents

The B Leaders Resource Portal will host the content of the B Leaders program, a library of useful documents and case studies for the exclusive use of B Leaders.

Learn from other B Leaders

The sharing of experiences between B Leaders is one of the best supports in setting up new practices. It enables the dissemination of best practices within B Corp certified companies or market players willing to join the B Economy.

How to become affiliated with
B Lab Switzerland ?

Participants who want to become affiliated with B Lab Switzerland will be required to support a company in measuring its social and environmental performance using the BIA. They will then be required to develop an action plan to improve its impact score based on recommendations.


A review session will be organized with B Lab Switzerland to validate their Affiliated status.

Who are the Affiliated B Leaders?

Affiliated B Leaders can offer advice and guidance to companies thinking about, preparing for, or going through the

B Corp certification process.

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