We support research and teach impact measurement methods and inclusive economic pathway in universities and professional schools. Targeting students to master the tools and economics vision towards a shared and durable economy.


Mission and Vision

The vision of B Academy Switzerland is to advance the state of academic study into business as a force for good.


B Academy work with each other, the global B Lab network, and the B Corp community to share best practices and identify opportunities for collaboration with regard to research, teaching, and experiential learning.


The Global B Corp Academic Community (B Academics) is a network of educators and researchers from around the world who are committed to accelerating the sustainable business movement by studying the global movement of B Corporation certification and benefit corporations.

Academic Partners

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Program Highlights


CAS Entrepreneuriat Social

Certificats d'études avancées (CAS)

September 2020

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Societal Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Management

Bachelor in International Business Management

Spring semester 2020


Responsible Management

Master in Management

Fall semester 2019

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We are keen to share academic material and collaborate to advance the state of academic study into business as a force for good.

If you want to know more about our academic programs, contact us at support@blab-switzerland.ch